About Us
Board Of Trustees

"I have recently taken the role of Chair and am passionate about ensuring that the community and its children are well served by Te Puke High School. The Board of Trustees recognises the diversity of our community and is committed to working with Alan Liddle and his team to ensure Te Puke High School is a leading education provider."  Stephen Butler, Chairperson


We aim to provide the students of our local community with a wide range of educational options that allows each student to reach their potential and to achieve their aspirations and career choices. Te Puke High School gives students the opportunity to excel academically, in sport, and in the arts.

A new Board has been formed in 2013. We are extremely fortunate to have new members on the Board that possess a mixture of commercial and previous Board of Trustees experience. The Board is looking forward to working with the Senior Leadership Team of Te Puke High School to deliver on the School’s strategic plan. The redevelopment of the school campus is progressing on schedule with a minimum of disruption to classroom activities to date. Upon completion of this project Te Puke High School will be in a strong position to deliver modern learning practices into the future, which will be a real asset to the Te Puke Community.  Stephen Butler, Chairperson

The Board of Trustees includes:

  Stephen Butler

  Andrew Dwan
  Mark Boyle
  Boyd Harris
  Sherralee Barton

  Alan Liddle

Staff Trustee
  Rebecca Wichmann

Student Trustee
  Drehdyn Ormond

Board Secretary:
Linda Horscroft
Phone:  573 9769 Ext: 250
Email:  [email protected]
Address:  PO Box 344, Te Puke 3153