Gateway – Te Tomokanga builds the links between school and business and allows schools to offer workplace learning opportunities for their students. The programme develops students’ vocational skills while still at school. They are able to get first-hand experience of what it is like in the workforce, and also begin to gain the qualifications needed in today’s job market.

Students involved in NCEA level 2 & 3, have the opportunity to pursue these qualifications whilst beginning a trade/career specific qualification. They may be registered with the appropriate Industry Training Organisation (ITO) to begin their workplace training. The school receives funds, through its contract with the Tertiary Education Commission, to pay for workplace assessment of students and to support them towards achieving unit standards which go on to the National Qualifications Framework. Students are in a training situation and are not to be paid while on their Gateway placement. Students chosen for the programme are committed to it. They become full members of an organisation’s workforce and are treated much the same as any other employee. They follow the school rules as applicable to students outside the classroom.

Students are expected to:

  • Dress appropriately for the workplace and be punctual always.
  • Work hours specified by the employer as required.
  • Be fully committed to the programme both at school and at work and complete all workplace assessments.
  • Notify the school and the employer in case of illness/absence on a workplace day (before the start of work on that day).
  • Behave enthusiastically and politely while on the placement.
  • Respect the employer’s business and their client’s confidentiality at all times.
  • The student must complete a CV to show the employer when placement interview takes place.
  • Accompany the Gateway Administrator to meet their employer if required.
  • Meet transport which has been organized to enable the placement to take place eg. Mini bus etc.
  • Follow Health and Safety regulations at all times.