About Us
Guiding Principles

“Since the previous ERO review, the school has reaffirmed its vision and values for student learning. The school has identified a set of core values that describe the ways staff, parents and students will work together in order to pursue the school’s vision of Aim High, Whaia Te Matauranga Tiketike.”  ERO Report, 2012.


Inspiring our students and staff to be future focussed learners who realise their potential.
Kia whakaara nga kaiako me nga akonga kia u, kia mataara.


To provide a stimulating environment that challenges and engages each and every learner.
Kia whakarite he ruma ako pai ki te whangai i te hinengaro, te wairua, te tinana o te akonga.


Core Values

The four interlinking Core Values (known as the 4Rs) guide the way students, staff and parents/caregivers will work together on a day-to-day basis as we pursue our school vision.

Respect - Mana Tangata

Respect is the attitude of valuing and honouring someone or something. People who behave respectfully show consideration and care. At Te Puke High School students and staff are expected to always show respect for themselves, other students, staff and the learning environment.

Responsibility - Mana Motuhake

Responsibility is ‘stepping up to the plate’, taking control of your attitude and being accountable for your actions. People who behave responsibly are more motivated and able to achieve greater success and happiness. At Te Puke High School students and staff are responsible for achieving their personal best through commitment, persistence and self-discipline.

Relationships - Whanaungatanga

Relationships are the foundation for effective learning. Research shows clearly that the quality of the relationships between the student, their teacher and their parents/caregivers influences student learning. At Te Puke High School students, teachers and parents/caregivers are encouraged to form strong positive learning partnerships focussed on improving student learning and achievement.

Reaching Potential - Whaia Te Matauranga Tiketike

Reaching potential is the attitude of making a personal commitment to achieve your personal best. People who are focussed on reaching their potential set and maintain high personal standards. At Te Puke High School students and staff are expected to aim for excellence in everything they do by having high expectations, good self management and working hard to achieve their personal best; ‘Plus Ultra’ - Aim High, Whaia Te Matauranga Tiketike.