House Captains 2017

Student leadership is a very important aspect of Te Puke High School.

Each of the fve houses (Blake, Hillary, Morihana, Ngata and Sheppard) are led by two student House Captains and a teacher, who is the Head of HouseThe student House Captains for this year are:

Blake House Captains Amelia Fleming
Eli Fawcett
Hillary House Captains Storme Barclay
 Jayden Kennedy
Morihana House Captains Chanel Wotten
Daniel Bowler
Ngata House Captains Georgia Edwards
Credence Potiki
Sheppard House Captains Hannah Walling
Henry Wilson

House Champions

2016 Blake
2015 Blake
2014 Ngata
2012 Sheppard
2011 Blake
2010 Ngata
2009 Blake
2008 Ngata