Lip Synch Challenge 2015

On the nights of the 18th and 19th March, students dressed in amazing costumes competed in the annual Lip Synch Challenge.

The evenings were hosted by our Arts Leaders, Hayley Ellis-Smith and Scott Murray.

Congratulations to all students involved in this year’s competition.

Thank you to the judges, Dianne Leach, Nikki-Jean Stapleton and Wayne Flannegan who had a difficult job choosing prize winners due to high quality of the performances.

Prize Winners were:

People’s Choice Junior

Country Boys – The Country Boy Song
Hamish Dwan
Daniel Bartley

People’s Choice Senior

The Janitor’s Playlist – Medley
Isaac Gunson
Te Ua Peters
Rafi Ramadhan
Wiremu Winata
Jayden Kennedy

Best Lip Syncher

Dayna Rowe

3rd Place (Equal)

Double Act  – I Can’t Do It Alone
Brook Ellis-Smith
Hayley Ellis-Smith

Working Day – Medley
Parminder Kaur
Nicola Bosch
Jade Bennison
Hugh Hawkey
Grace Spedding
Brooke Ellis-Smith

2nd Place

Rest Home Hero – Don’t Stop Me Now
Rebekah O’Dea
Gina Mueller
Kristelle Whitehead
Cara Garms
Kaitlin Barnett
Hanna Kriegs
Hannah Klaus
Summer Grierson
Nele Hofmeister
Nici Keuser
Fernanda Arelmann

1st Place

Hello – Hello
Dayna Rowe
Rasekaia Ratu
Olivia Lord Bark


Hosts Hayley Ellis-Smith and Scott Murray
Full House - A 2 Bedroom House  
Single Ladies - I Don't Need A Man
Shutupz - Shut Up and Dance With Me
Rest Home Hero - Don't Stop Me Now
Leap Frog - Love Is An Open Door
Country Boys - The Country Boy Song
Double Act - I Can't Do It Alone
War - Medley  
Circus - Medley
Comperes - Rasekaia Ratu and Dayna Rowe
Wildcats - Year 13 Students
Black Plunder - Beneath the Black Flag
Good Morn'n - Good Morning Baltimore
Beauty and the Geek - Dear Future Husband
3 Way Get Away - Uptown Girl
Spotlight - I Want It All
Working Day - Medley
Hello - Hello  
The Janitor's Playlist - Medley  
Staff - Holywood X Factor