International Students
Support Team

(From left: Caroline Stevenson, Director of International Students and Jane Thomas, International Student Administrator and Homestay Manager)

Our staff are dedicated to help our international students feel a part of Te Puke High School, including:

International Student Administrator

  • Interacts daily with the students and monitors their well-being and academic programme.
  • Provides on-going support for students to ensure that they are coping with life in New Zealand and at school.
  • Maintains regular contact with agents, parents and homestays.
  • Carries out administration tasks for the department.
  • Helps students with insurance claims, visa extensions and booking trips.
  • Maintains database of student, homestay and agent details.
  • Assists international students with any queries and issues.

Homestay Manager

  • She carefully selects friendly, active, warm and caring homestays for international students to have a real Kiwi experience.
  • She provides a wide range of homestay options, including farm stays, kiwifruit orchards, in town or near the beach.
  • The Homestay Manager interviews and police-vets all new homestay families and meets regularly with them when they are hosting an international student.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Support

  • English language support is available to all international students if necessary.
  • ESOL classes are small and cater for all levels of English.
  • Support and preparation is provided for IELTS' (International English Language Testing System) examination if needed.

Small Groups @ Te Puke High School

  • Each international student is placed into a Small Group with New Zealand students.
  • Each Small Group is made up of approximately 15 students from Year 9 to Year 13, with a member of staff who is their leader.
  • The purpose of the Small Group is to foster a strong sense of student to foster a strong sense of student belonging, and develop meaningful relationships with staff and among students focused on improving student learning and achievement.
  • For more information, click on: The Small Group Approach.

Heads of House

  • We have five Heads of House who are responsible for overall pastoral care of the students within their house.
  • For more information, click on: Houses.

Academic Advisors

  • We have two Academic Advisors who are responsible for providing overall acadmic care of our students.

Careers Advisors

  • We have three full time teachers of Career Education who are responsible for providing advice and guidance for our students on their education and career pathway.
  • For more information, click on: Career Education.


  • We have one full time Counsellor who is responsible for providing counselling services for our students.

Health Nurse and Doctor

  • We have a well maintained Health Centre with trained staff, including trained office staff, a health nurse and a doctor.  This is a confidential, free service for students.