About Us
Te Puke Learning Network

Since the beginning of 2013, the four town schools (Te Puke Primary School, Fairhaven Primary School, Te Puke Intermediate School and Te Puke High School) have been working together to improve learning and achievement of our students from Year 1 to 13.

The vision for our network is:
"Engaging the child, engaging the whanau, engaging the community”.

The Founding Principles of Te Puke Learning Network are to:
1.  Develop the learner from Year 1 to 13.
2.  Engage our collective whanau/families and community to support our students.

Te Puke Learning Network is being led by the four Principals with support from the Ministry of Education and University of Auckland.

Te Puke Student Graduate Profile

Representatives of students, staff, Boards of Trustees, parents/caregivers, whanau/families and the community have been consulted to get a better understanding of what they expect of a successful Te Puke student.  The Graduate Profile is being used by the four schools to develop specific criteria of what Te Puke learners should be able to do at different stages as they progress from Year 1 to 13.  The specific criteria make the expectations of all our students very clear.  Parents/caregivers, whanau/families, schools, pre-school educators and the community also have a role to play in supporting our students meet these expectations.


Three Priority Areas
The information that has been used to develop a Graduate Profile for a successful learner finishing at Te Puke High School underpins the three priority areas to improve Te Puke student learning and achievement:

1.  21st Century Learning

2.  Learner Agency

3.  Engagement

1.  21st Century Learning
When students access the world’s wealth of information at their fingertips; anywhere and any time.  21st Century learners access information, which they interpret, share and apply to build their own knowledge. It involves students being alive learners who engage in exploration, discussion and application.

Our goal is to be able to offer our parents/caregivers the opportunity to purchase a digital device (ipad or computer) at low cost for their child to use at school and home.  To achieve this goal, our network has partnered with Te Puke Economic Development Group (Te Puke EDG) to develop a low-cost, lease-to-own scheme for a digital device (ipad or computer).  The digital device is for the student to use as a learning tool at school and at home.  At the end of the lease term, students and their parents/caregivers keep the digital device.  If they are still a student at our school they can lease a new digital device if you wish.

Our long term goal is to provide free internet access for our students at home after school using our school Network 4 Learning (N4L) data package.

2.  Learner Agency
When self-managing learners take responsibility and show commitment to their learning – past, present and future. They have a voice and show leadership for their learning, taking control and making decisions for the best learning outcomes for them.

3.  Engagement
When Te Puke students, their teachers, their whanau/family and community work together to enhance learning, students have ownership of their learning in all settings, are reflective, motivated and enthusiastic.

To achieve our goals for Learner Agency and Engagement, staff across the four schools have been working together to develop their understanding of what these concepts mean for Te Puke students.  What will Learner Agency and Engagement look like from Year 1 to 13?


The four schools want to thank the Minisitry of Education, University of Auckland and Te Puke EDG for the ongoing support and guidance.

For further information about the schools involved in the Te Puke Learning Network click on the images below.