International Students

Read the testimonials below to understand how great Te Puke High School has been for past international students.

My time in New Zealand has been so amazing and awesome. I could have a lot of experiences, everything was a first for me. I’m happy to study at Te Puke High School. My homestay is really nice, friendly and they always help me to try something new. I’m sure my experience in NZ will be really good for my life.

Sayaka - Japan

My time in New Zealand is very awesome and my host family are very nice.  They always take me to many place. The teachers at Te Puke High School are helpful and friendly. I have tried some new subjects like Spanish and Accounting.  The International Department are really helpful. They care about all the international student.

Charles – China

New Zealand is an amazing place with lots of awesome people. I had the best homestay I could have. They are kind, helpful and really funny!  At
Te Puke High School I had so much fun and I loved the big range of extracurricular activities and subjects!  Coming to New Zealand was the best decision I ever made and I can only recommend it!

Amira – Germany




I have found NZ the most beautiful place ever, so are the people. My homestay were amazing – very Kiwi, friendly, supportive and kind.  Te Puke High School offers plenty of new subjects that I have never done before and wonderful teachers and students that helped me a lot. I’m very happy that I came to NZ.!

Cream – Thailand

I experienced a year full of adventures and were able to meet wonderful people. Going to New Zealand is one of the best decision in my life. While I was staying in New Zealand, I lived in an awesome homestay family. I totally enjoyed living in another family!  The Kiwi students at Te Puke High School included me quickly in there groups and their friendship. Through that I was able to make a lot of friends and had fun through my year in New Zealand at Te Puke High School.
Hey guy’s, if you aren’t sure yet if you would like to do a year at Te Puke High School, my tip is DO IT!!!
P.S: New Zealand is the best.

Joel – Germany

New Zealand is an amazing place. Beautiful views and nice people. I like to study in NZ, the teachers love to help us. I love my homestay, they have given me a lot of different and unforgettable experiences. They have helped me a lot with my English. I love NZ.

Amelia – China