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The Small Groups Approach

At Te Puke High School we constantly strive to improve the learning environment for our students and  staff. This means researching new ways to help students and staff reach their potential. Research shows that if students can relate to a ‘significant adult’  at school, then they are far more likely to be successful. Traditional Form Teacher systems are plagued with problems related to the size of the groups and the focus on administration and discipline, rather than on building relationships, mentoring and learning.

In 2012 the Small Groups Approach was introduced at Te Puke High School to enable each student to build meaningful relationships with other members of their Small Group, including their Small Group Leader.  As a result, it is expected that students will develop a strong sense of identity and belonging to our school.

The purpose of the Small Groups Approach @ TPHS includes:

1.  To foster a strong sense of belonging and purpose amongst students and staff.
2.  To develop meaningful relationships for our students with a ‘significant adult’.
3.  To nurture distributive leadership amongst students and staff.
4.  To improve learning and achievement.
5.  To facilitate the development of our school as a truly great community of learners.


Each Small Group is made up of approximately fifteen Year 9 to 13 students and a staff member from the same house.  Small Groups meet for 20 minutes each day to engage in activities to help them develop supportive relationships amongst their members.